Enter the french market - Solutions, trends and opportunities


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Webinar réservé à nos membres - Üyelerimize özel webinar


Are you interested in expanding your business in France/Europe?
OSCI experts will present market entry operational solutions as well as trends and opportunities in key sectors and answer all your questions about doing business in France!


  1. Export as a service: Outsourced HR solutions for your business development in France and Europe
    -> Cécile BOURY, CBCI international
  2. Trends in the industry sector
    -> Eric MARICOT, Sarexeo
  3. Focus on fast growing sectors and their challenges: Medical, Clean Teach, Food processing, Tech
    -> Christelle MAFFRE, OCO Global
  4. Digital and E-commerce approach to the French/European market
    -> Jean-Louis LALOYAUX, World Sellers

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