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Blockchain, Crypto Curencies & New Era


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Blockchain, Crypto Curencies & New Era

“Trust” is the key word. How we interpret the meaning of trust will change drastically. Two parties, either for the transfer of funds or for trading or for transactions of goods need an intermediary which will create a trustful medium. What if the need for these intermediaries ceases to exist? Any idea how quick, how easy and how efficient the results will be? This is the Blockchain Technology.   Having blockchain technology will also create use cases for crypto currencies. In the very near future we will say “It was an old tradition that fiat currencies must be printed and put into circulation by the Central Banks”. The banknotes of a country must be printed by the Central Banks. That’s true. But, do we have to use only those banknotes? The answer is no. And the crypto currencies are the answer to “how”.


Date : Wednesday 11 July 2018


Hours : from 5:00 to 7:00 pm followed by a reception


Speakers :


Dr. Vedat Güven

Having graduated as an Electrical-Electronics Engineer, Vedat Güven started his career as an “hard-core” Treasurer, i.e. as an FX-Dealer. Completing 10 years of experience in banking, in 1999 he was the co-founder of Tim Consultancy. In Tim Consultancy, as a partner, he is both a trainer and a consultant. Besides Tim, he gives lectures in several universities, like Yeditepe, Bilgi, Bahçeşehir and İstanbul University. Being a trainer and a consultant made him realize that there is a tremendous amount of things he had to learn. Fortunately, this image is exciting him as someone who is passionate in learning. And the Blockchain technology before changing the norms, education transportation, communication, finance, our lives and everything in short, began changing him first.  He was born in 1967 and he was one of the first graduates of İst. Atatürk Fen Lisesi. He studied Electrical-Electronics Engineer and then Economy MSc. in Boğaziçi University. Then He had his PhD degree on Banking in Marmara University.


Erkin Şahinöz

Erkin Şahinöz, born in Istanbul, completed his undergraduate education at Boğaziçi University Mechanical Engineering Department. He received his MBA from the University of Nebraska as a scholarship student, and then he completed his master's degree in economics at the same university. He started his professional career in 1999 as a research assistant and worked as a consultant in Business Development Center. During 2000-2002, he consulted companies in different sectors and business lines, including the banks. He then was transferred as an economist by the US Federal Reserve (FED) in 2002. He was promoted with a financial model that he developed using options and predicted interest rate changes of central banks, and he was appointed to the FED as the Director of Economic Research Group. He returned to Turkey in 2007 and establihed Strategy Coordination and Business Development Department within Arıkanlı Holding. In 2009, he has been appointed as Austria's largest bank, Erste Bank’s Turkey's General Directorate. He mainly focused on setting up operations for brokerage and investment banking services regarding the foreign and domestic investors in Turkey. He has lead many operations of various companies on corporate finance, IPOs and also introduced a brand new financial product to the Stock Exchange Istanbul, named as turbo certificate.  Şahinöz is a contributing columnist in many national newspapers, especially Dünya and Sabah. Besides he is regularly conducting current economic and market interpretations on mainstream  TV channels; such as NTV, CNN Turk, TRT News, TGRT. He is also a reputable strategy / business development and economy advisor for many companies and  institutions, especially for Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). He mainly provides training and consultancy services to banks and real sector companies in a wide range of fields within Tim Consultancy since 2017.


The two lecturers have recently published their first book “Blokzincir, Kripto Paralar, Bitcoin - Satoshi Dünyayı Değiştiriyor”.


Program :

17.00 : Welcome

17.15 : Speeches

18.30 : Questions & Answers

19.00 : Reception


Language : English

Place : Türk-Fransız Ticaret Derneği

OTIM Yolu - Ayazma Dere Caddesi, Pazar Sokak No:2-4 - Bareli İş Merkezi K:2, Gayrettepe-İstanbul

Map : click here


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